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You spend so much time helping others, Allow me to help you with your Medicare decisions. Questions and Answers

Get Educated When It Comes to

Medicare Solutions

Understand the Rules

Always compare old to new plans

Benefits change yearly

Original Medicare is usually the starting Medicare program

And always, always, always get a Summary of Benefits or (EOC).

In Today’s society, a Medicare Caregiver or member must have there best understanding when choosing a Healthcare plan!

Original Medicare, Medicare Advantage, MAPD, PDP and Medicare Supplement s can be very complicated.

However, having a personal dedicated ​Medicare​ Adviser, licensed and certified throughout the United States with the federal ​government, 45 States, and the largest most client friendly experienced company’s in the country.​ ​​

Original Medicare

Original Medicare is coverage managed by the Federal Government.  Generally there is a cost for each service (services A&B).  It is the program that's issued to first time members.  It has a standard minimum benefit level that all Medicare Public or Private companies must meet.  

Medicare Advantage (MA)

Medicare Advantage are private companies allowed to sell Medicare products with the minimum coverage of Original Medicare plus some extra services, like Dental and Vision just to name a few. No Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) in the MA plan, but (PDP) is available separately in a Medicare Advantage plan called (PDP stand alone).

Medicare Advantage Prescription Drugs (MAPD)

A Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug (MAPD) plans are also considered Medicare Plan C plans.  They are a package of regular Medicare benefits with a Prescription Drug attachment with it.  A MAPD plan may also include several extra benefits available that are not included in the Original Medicare program.  But the MAPD plan must have the minimum coverage in benefits as Original Medicare.  Dental, Vision and Hearing benefits plus others are usually offered in this program.

Medicare Supplements(Medigap)

A Medigap Supplement program is not a Medicare specific program, however this supplement offers available coverage for basic fees and cost acquired while using Original Medicare.  It incurs a separate fee however, if you can afford it, it really helps pay the bills.

Dual  Special Needs Plan (DSNP)

A Medicare Dual Special Needs Plan (DSNP) is a person that receives Dual plans, a Medicaid and Medicare benefits plans.  You must qualify for both plans to be considered a DSNP and use both programs that usually covers almost all medical expenses, almost. 

Chronic  Special Needs Plan (CSNP)

Chronic Special Needs Plans (CSNP) restrict enrollment to special needs individuals with specific severe or disabling chronic conditions for medical and mental specialist, inpatient and outpatient facilities and extensive ancillary services related to diagnostic testing and therapeutic management. Proof of a Doctors recommendation of Chronic Condition'(s) may be required.


  AARP is a United States-based interest group focusing on issues affecting those over fifty.  The AARP members may qualify for  many discounted prod services a perks for being members of the association.  The AARP also sponsor a Medigap Supplement benefit plan usually structured by United Health Care.                                                                                                                                                               

                     In all thy Getting, pls. Get understanding!